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I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.” – Philippians 4.12, NKJV

For a Christian, the world is a hostile and very dangerous place. Believers in Christ are attacked spiritually and physically. Are you ready to survive?

The P412 Survival Podcast is dedicated to preparing Christians in survival and passes on to those who serve God ways to survive in a world that hates Christ and those who follow them.

The Podcast

P412 Survival Podcast

The P412 Survival Podcast is formatted with the first half of the show focusing on spiritual survival and the second half focusing on the tips, tricks, and techniques of physical survival.

The will to survive begins with the will of God.

What is Spiritual Survival?

Spiritual survival is where it all starts. If your faith is not strong with your life grounded in the Word of God, you will not survive. The world does not only attack the body of the Christian, but their faith. They persecute Christian beliefs, make mockery out of the faith, and chastise the believer for their “intolerant” views. Spiritual survival is for every Christian. It starts with studying the Bible; knowing what the Bible says and what we are to believe. If a believer is not of strong faith, compromise of God’s commands is the first step to down a slippery slope. The world changes, but God and His Word do not.

Beyond knowing the Truth, when faced with trials, tribulations, and persecution, a believer who is not spiritually strong will lose their will to survive. They are tempted to give up and surrender to the world. They will not understand the value God places on life and that the life He gave everyone is precious. God wants you to live and protect the gift of life He gave you.

What is Physical Survival?

Physical survival is the ability for a person to continue living in harsh conditions. For many Christians, they will not have to face physical survival. But, there are those who are called to serve God around the world in places openly hostile to Christianity. These are often missionaries, church leaders, pastors, and para-church organizations that serve beyond the borders of safety and security, bringing the Truth to a troubled world. In many cases, these servants of Christ are persecuted, tortured, and even killed. Rather than surrender, they choose to run and evade. This can lead them to dangerous places without many supplies. Nothing can guarantee survival, but the more techniques that are learned, the better odds of survival. The goal of survival is to return home with our lives and faith intact.

A Note on Persecution

P412 is dedicated to serving God and those who place their faith in Christ. In an increasingly hostile world, Christians are being targeted not only for their outward showing of belief, their evangelism, and their commitment to helping others in the name of Christ; they are also being hunted for the mere thought of believing in Jesus as the only Way, Truth, and Light. Christians are being persecuted, brutalized, tortured, and killed for having faith in Jesus Christ. The mainstream media and liberal worldview cares very little about the murder of Christians, often stating with no compassion that Christians should not be in the places they are being killed. They believe that Christians are forcing their views on others and in return extremist groups are left with the only option of killing Christians in order to keep their religious views uncontaminated. This is the world’s view on the persecution of Christians – if it is even reported.

Christian missionaries are in no way forcing their beliefs – the truth – on any people. They obey God by visiting other countries, speak about Christ, and leave the option open to every man, woman, and child to choose. Missionaries go where God commands them, but leave if the people do not want them. In truth, they only go where people desire the truth of Christ. Freedom exists for all people, the freedom to speak their mind, to share their beliefs, and to choose their faith. If one person desires Christ in their life, a missionary will reach that one person. Christian missionaries have the same right to speak their faith openly as any other person, without persecution. There is freedom for all or there can be freedom for none.

However, the life of a missionary is dangerous in most places of the world. Most of the world discriminates against Christians openly, imposing restrictions on Christians in the name of tolerance and freedom, but give lie to their behavior by limiting the freedom of Christians and exhibit great intolerance by restricting what Christians can say or do. In the world, all have freedom, tolerance and equality except the Christian. At best, the Christian missionary faces this discrimination and at worst, faces torture and a brutal death. Depending on the source, from the Vatican to outreach and world watch groups like World Watch Monitor and Open Doors, the number of Christians killed every year ranges from 90,000 to over 110,000. This is equal to wiping out an entire city’s population the size of Wichita Falls, TX; Davenport, IA; or, Green Bay, WI (based on 2016 United States Census Bureau estimates).

The media is lax in reporting these atrocities and it falls to independent groups to faithfully track and report the persecution of Christians. However, these numbers are suspect. They are suspect in the low range of the figures. No one is absolutely sure of how many Christians are killed every year because in most anti-Christian countries, the figures are not reported. The figures of 90,000 to 110,000 murdered Christians are the averages that are reported. Some groups believe that the actual number of murdered Christians can be as high as 1 million per year.

There is also no accurate account of how many Christians are persecuted, but not murdered, every year. Persecution of Christians – for merely professing a Christian faith –  include imprisonment, brutal attacks, and torture. Christians are actively hunted in many countries and bounties are offered for locations of underground churches. It is estimated that more than a million Christians are actively persecuted every year, but again, this figure is in the low end due to lack of reporting in many countries.

The P412 podcast educates missionaries, church leaders, and para-church organizations in skills needed to survive and evade in hostile countries and return home safely. Christians can increase their odds of surviving in a hostile world. No one can be guaranteed survival, regardless of their training, but through basic skills the odds of survival greatly increase.